Finding Your Groove for Spiritual Leaders - A 2Day Event with Rob Bell

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Finding Your Groove for Spiritual Leaders

A 2Day Event with Rob Bell

November 7/8, 2016


The Improv Comedy Club
8162 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA 


Each of the Finding Your Groove Events will cover the following topics:

How do you maintain your sense of self when you’re pulled in so many different directions?

How do you create a rhythm of life when the demands seem endless?

How do you establish healthy boundaries with people?

How do you ensure that your family isn't getting what’s left over after you give your best energies to your work?

How do you develop habits and disciplines so that you aren’t doing everything at the last minute?

How do you keep getting more inspired as the years go by?


Finding Your Groove for Spiritual Leaders is for pastors, priests, teachers, youth workers, volunteers, recovery group leaders and is focused on dealing with the unique challenges of being a spiritual leader. How do you stay grounded and centered when everything is changing so fast? What do you do when the people who sign your paycheck are asking you to do things that violate who you are and what you believe? When do you stay and when do you leave and start something new? What are spiritual communities going to look like in the future? If you're committed to leading people but you have big questions about where it's all headed, this is for you. 


What times are the sessions?

9am to 6pm, both days, with a break at Noon for lunch.


Where do we eat?

There are a number of restaurants within walking distance of the Improv.


What's the nearest airport?

LAX will probably be best-Burbank may also work. We recommend taking a shuttle/Uber/taxi to a nearby hotel and then walking everywhere while you're here.


Can we go to all three events?

Of course.


What if we sign up but can't make it?

You can get a refund up to a week before the event.


The Improv?