Something to Say Workshop - December 8th 1pm Pacific Time

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Something To Say Workshop - ZOOM EDITION
Seeing as we won't be gathering in groups in public any time soon, let's move things online...

What are these events?
Sometimes you have something you’re dying to say but you can’t figure out how to say it.

Other times your role or position or job requires you to continually have new things to say and that can be grueling when it feels like the well keeps running dry.

For some, the ideas aren’t the problem-there are lots of those-what’s frustrating is figuring which ones to pursue and then how best to give them the shape and form they require.

And then there are those who just want to get better. Maybe you’ve just started out or you’ve been doing this for a while and you want to do it with more passion and excellence and fire-that’s what these events are about.

If you know you could take what you’re doing farther, we’ll talk about that.
If you’re frustrated because things aren’t flowing, we’ll talk about that.
If you’ve got some sense that there’s something you’re here to say but you don’t know where to start, we’ll talk about that.

How does it work?
Rob meets with 3 people on ZOOM for a 90 minute session. Each person gives the essence of what they're working on and their pressing question about the project, the current challenge they're facing, how they're stuck-and then we dive in from there...

Is this more about the larger questions of who we are and what we're here to do or is it more about the practical steps needed to move forward?
Yes. All of it. We'll meet you where you're at and go from there. This is the joy of these workshops-watching each other experience the breakthroughs that come from seeing what's next.

Why 3 people?
Because central to these workshops is learning to see yourself in others. The more you witness others getting unstuck, the more you're building the muscles to be able to get yourself unstuck. Watching others find clarity profoundly and often unexpectedly brings clarity to our own path.

How does this connect to the SOMETHING TO SAY audio?
If you’ve listened to my SOMETHING TO SAY audio, (download here) this will feel in many ways like a continuation of that content, like we’re taking those truths and then working them out…

What if I get one of the spots but then have to cancel?
You can cancel for full refund up to 3 days before the event, after that it becomes a credit toward a future event.

Anything we should do to prepare?
Yes, listen to the Something To Say audio, which you can download here