A New Mind: 2Days with Rob Bell

$ 500.00

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When is it?
November 12/13, 2018

Where is it?
The Improv Comedy Club
8162 Melrose Ave 
Los Angeles, California

What's this event about?
Your mind is a mysterious phenomenon, isn't it? There's the daily challenge to stay calm, focused and hopeful in the face of all the buzz and noise and news of the world around us.

But then there's another, far greater invitation: to uncover all those expectations and assumptions and fears and lack of imagination that are just below the surface as you move into greater peace and vitality...and all that starts in the mind.

Can our minds truly be transformed? 
Is it possible to take your thoughts captive?
What were those ancient mystics and saints referring to when they insisted we could have the mind of Christ?
When you're constantly being bombarded by stimulus from every direction, how does a person learn to have a calm and centered mind leading to a life of conviction and clarity?

That's what these 2Days are about. We'll be thinking about thinking, from the conceptual to the practical, from the unexpectedly fresh wisdom of ancient texts to new ways of handling your phone. This is new content I'll be giving for the first time...and of course I'd love for you to join us.

Will there be special guests?
Of course.

Well, that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it?

What's the schedule?
9am-5pm both days, with a morning and afternoon short break and lunch break from Noon to 2.

Where do we eat?
There are loads of restaurants within walking distance of the club.

Where do we stay?
There are a number of hotels within walking distance of the club.

Where do we park?
There are metered spots within walking distance of the club, and a few public parking lots somewhat nearby. Probably best to Uber/Lyft/Walk, etc.